📖 You Can Now Preorder the Business of Belonging!

Be the first to get the book when it's released on March 23rd.

It’s with boatloads of excitement that I get to finally announce that The Business of Belonging is now officially available for preorder!

You can learn more about the book, and place your orders here!

I can’t tell you all how much your support has meant to me and helped me push through to get this book to the finish line. Thank you to everyone who showed up along the way, for the edits and feedback, and for all the nice messages you’ve sent.

The team is working to make this prelaunch as successful as possible and spread the word, but the success of this book will really come down to all of you and whether or not this book gets into the right hands. I don’t care about getting on a WSJ or NYT list. My goal is simple: get more businesses to successfully invest in and build communities.

Anyone who’s thinking about investing in community at their business, or anyone who needs help getting their community strategy in order… I hope they’ll have this book on their desk.

So I have two asks for those who want to help out:

  1. Order a few copies of the book (if you’re in the position to), one for yourself and a couple to give away to someone who’s interested in learning about community strategy (I’m offering a few limited-time bulk order deals which can find on the website)

  2. Join in the celebration on Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook and tag someone you know who would like this book (maybe with some compliments and emojis around it 📖 ❤️ 🥰 )

That’s all for now. When the book launched on March 23rd, getting lots of good reviews on The Zon is what will move the needle in the biggest way, and it’ll help if you’re already a “verified purchaser”.

The energy around the community industry just keeps building.

…and has felt like it’s hit a fever pitch in the last couple months alone. I never thought I’d see a headline on Techcrunch about the Chief Community Officer being the new CMO. I never thought I’d see multiple VC funds focused on community launch in a year. I never thought I’d see community be one of the most common topics on the hot new social audio platform.

I always believed that community would be the future of business…but to see it come to fruition in such a huge way has been surreal.

I’m feeling lucky. I’ve been working on this book for five years and I think it’s coming out at the perfect time. Published a couple years ago, it would have been too early. Published in a year, it would have missed the wave. I’m hoping that this book will help thousands of businesses do more than just talk about community and have an actual strategy in place for designing their programs, measuring their value, and building massively successful communities.

That will be the biggest challenge for the community industry in the next couple years: avoiding becoming a flash in the pan. Before the world of business looks to the next hot thing, we need to build the systems and tools required to build communities that are indispensable to members AND businesses. I wrote this book to be the guide to help businesses get there. It’s a collection of all the frameworks I’ve developed with the CMX team and all the key insights from the leaders in the CMX community. I really hope you all love it.

Thank you again for all of your support and energy toward the book and the community industry as a whole.

Oh… and you’re all invited to celebrate with us at the official Business of Belonging virtual launch party on March 30th. We’ll be doing book readings, interviews with experts from the book, giveaways, and have some other fun surprises. You can RSVP here.

Here we go!!!


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