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Community has been my obsession ever since I launched my first online forum for Tony Hawk’s Proskater 4 out of my middle school bedroom.

Pro tip: don’t hire a middle schooler to moderate your community. We let all sorts of tomfoolery happen.

Now, a slightly more mature adult, I spend every day studying, pondering, and teaching community.

Over the past 15 years, I built communities to tens of thousands of members, grew a conference to 5,000 attendees, sold my business, trained hundreds of organizations in community strategy, and published my first book, The Business of Belonging.

My team at CMX, the business I cofounded nine years ago, helped establish and standardize the community industry as we know it today.

This newsletter is where I synthesize my perspectives and experience in community on an ongoing basis.

My goal in each post is to leave with you a new way of thinking about community and provide actionable advice you can immediately use in your communities. Hopefully I can make you laugh a little too.

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I study communities and teach you how they work.


David Spinks

I study communities and teach you how they work. Author of The Business of Belonging. Previously Cofounder of CMX.