Thanks so much for writing this, David 🙏 I actually found this originally because I was doing research on the CMX conference, which I'll be attending with my company Orbit next month. Then I started reading and was like, wow, so much of this resonates with me on a personal level. I get the sense from the writing that you are processing these things in real-time and it's cathartic for me to read, especially as someone who is going through something similar—I also work in tech, write a Substack newsletter, and took a sabbatical recently. I even wrote a similar post about my own sabbatical 😆 https://somethingdaily.substack.com/p/my-experience-taking-a-self-administered

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Aug 30, 2022Liked by David Spinks

I love and hate the fact that this has 2 comments till now!

I love it because the odds of David himself reading this is high!

I hate it becuase it deserves so much more.

Hey David 👋

While you were on sabbatical, I bought your book and started going through your old tweets.

I am digging deep into community building and thank you for every line of content that you're putting out.

And newsletters are definetly a delightful way to go deeper with creators. I found this on twitter after spending last 1 hour on Lenny's newsletter and trust me every minute was worth it.

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Hi David,

I really appreciate your candor and openness. Sounds like you’re on a special journey. Feels need to be along for the ride in some small way. I’m grateful you’re sharing with us and curiously await future updates.

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Thanks for this David. A wonderful and refreshing read, loved the style and excited to see what you come out with next.

The trap of social media is real. It's tempting but I've come to see the inevitable loop that starts when sharing on it again. Eager to see how you navigate that too!

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