Nov 17, 2022Liked by David Spinks

Aha, I'm saving your emails much longer than I would have expected. And they're definitely worth the extra time to delve in~

I'm always trying to start community, somewhere, somehow. Always have, always will :)

Good rule for me: start with others' needs and then co-create from there, to ensure alignment.

Within companies, a good rule is to start with higher-level folks at early stages. I think this works because others can more easily see alignment with these folks and be more open and attentive to possibilities.

Blessings to you and growing Familia. Great to hear you're spending more time with the extended family community as well.

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Love the graphic of single player mode to multi-player mode and this whole concept in general. Really helps me put both my personal and professional community into perspective.

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Thank you for sharing more on this thought. I will begin to consciously put down ways to move a particular community from single-player mode to multiplayer mode ☺️

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