I decided to start a men's group with a few men from my parish and reading your newsletter has given me ideas for how to make it better. This is a group of men who are in the same state in life, we're all fathers of young families that are trying to do better, hold each other accountable and push each to greatness.

The challenge I have encountered is that life happens and most times not everyone can meet in person or our small Telegram group chat can go dormant for days. Still, it's better than nothing.

Thank you sharing your knowledge, I really appreciate it. Also, that part about being real resonated with me, that's one of the main reasons I started my own newsletter.


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Happy to have stumbled across your post - so much great food for thought here that I will take away. My own personal connecting strategy is to remember things about people- key dates, milestones, life events etc. and to check back in about those things. And I completely agree that being willing to be vulnerable builds connection and community 😊

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That Tim Urban post about having a baby made my day!!! Hilarious!!! Thank you.

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