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My current thesis that I've been writing about: communities are too focused on the inputs (engagement) rather than the outcomes. Many communities don't actually solve real problems and therefore people get tired pretty quickly.

It's like having a local town hall meeting and talking about all the things that need to happen. Sure it's great to gather and talk about things, but it won't last or won't matter if action is not taken.

So, inputs (conversations, attendance, etc) are important, but what matters are outputs. The action. The problems solved. The tangible growth that people have experienced. These are the products, so to speak. Nothing wrong with making money through them, imhro.

Focusing on outcomes is what is needed, but with a finely balanced community mindset. It's the balance is what I think is lacking.

A little bit less conversation, and a bit more action. 🎶 (Inspired by Elvis Presley, hah)

I'm excited by this though, I think it shows there's still much room to grow and talk about when it comes to community + business/money.

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Great piece, David! It’s been a joy to silently follow your journey over the years. I resonate a lot with your thoughts. Think this is a nuanced piece to bridge both community building and wealth, two topics I’ve personally been thinking about as well.

I feel like you where you mentioned you want wealth but not at the expense of your creative pursuits and other things in your life. Thanks for writing. 🙌

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Thanks for the awesome piece of content! For some reason, gave me a lot of inspirations and food for thought as someone starting its entrepreneurial journey.

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This is such an important topic and I really appreciate your thoroughness and honesty in approaching it. Super curious to see what continues to unfold and definitely have cogs


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